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Randy R.

Randy is a decorated 24-year veteran of law enforcement with a Major Metropolitan Police Department with 2000 personnel.  He has served with a select, handpicked street crimes unit for over 12 years and is a member of the agency's Rapid Deployment Force, where he serves as the unit's lead firearms and tactics instructor.  

Upon promotion to Sergeant and as a supervisor, Randy served with his agency's elite Intelligence Unit and headed the Counter-Terrorism section.   He currently serves as the Lead Supervisor in charge of his agency's firearms training division. 


Randy has logged countless training hours and often attends courses nationwide. He has attended and completed a fully comprehensive ten-week basic through advanced SWAT course and holds several firearms instructor certifications, including the NRA and Master Shooting Instructor certifications from Sig Sauer.



- The National Rifle Association, NRALE;

    Patrol Rifle Instructor 

    Handgun Instructor

    Shotgun Instructor

    Tactical Shooting Instructor

- Sig Sauer

    Master Pistol Instructor

    Master Rifle Instructor

    Master Shotgun Instructor 

    Master Handgun Red Dot Optic Instructor

    Adjunct Instructor Sig Sauer Academy

- SIMUNITIONS Instructor

- National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA)

   MACTAC Operator Instructor

   MACTAC Team Leader Instructor

- ALERRT active shooter Instructor

- US Dept. Of Homeland Security - TSA - Law Enforcement Officer Flying Armed 

- Safariland riot control agent instructor, Impact munitions instructor

- Pepperball instructor & armorer

- Instructor Development

- 10-week Basic through Advanced SWAT 

- Range Master


Professional affiliations include;

- National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA)

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