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SSG Standards Drill

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of the Specialized Services Group, LLC.

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Specialized Services Group, LLC Skills Target.


This target is used to track personal performance over time.  It should be shot cold without a warm-up.  The distance can be increased as shooter skill improves.


Distance -   Novice 3 yards

                     Intermediate 5 yards

                     Advanced 7 yards

                     Expert 9 yards

Hit Zones - 3" Upper Circle

                    6.5" Lower Circle

Round Count - 21 Pistol | 20 Rifle

Courses of Fire

  • Stage 1 - Start from the Low Ready or #3 draw position.  Low ready is arms straight and the front sight is level with the belt buckle.  #3 position is where two hands meet at the draw.  On the timer fire one shot into the 6.5" circle.

  • Stage 2 - From the draw, fire one into the 6.5" circle.

  • Stage 3 - From the draw, fire ten into the 6.5" circle.

  • Stage 4 - From the draw, fire four into the 6.5" circle, perform a slide lock reload, fire two into the 3" circle.

  • Stage 5 - Draw fire 2 into the 6.5" circle and one into the 3" Circle.


For rifle, eliminate Stage 2.

Distance -   Novice 7 yards

                     Intermediate 10 yards

                     Advanced 15 yards

                     Expert 20 yards


Scoring -      Using a timer, record the time for each stage of fire.  After the 5 stages are complete add all the times for a raw time.  Add +0.5 seconds for each miss, for a total time.

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